Export Control and Sanctions Export Control and Sanctions

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Export controls and sanctions have become a more and more important issue for Chinese and foreign multinational companies. Controlling trade compliance risks, avoiding the risk of supply chain disruption caused by export controls and business stagnation caused by economic sanctions, and improving the elasticity and resilience of supply chain matter a lot for business.

We have many years of professional consulting service experience in export controls and sanctions. We have provided consulting services and guidance to many Chinese and foreign clients on export controls, sanctions and counter-sanctions. The industries we have served include semiconductor equipment, semiconductor chip manufacturing, communications, information technology, smart technology, petroleum, nuclear power, automotive, banking, and so on.

Our lead lawyer is one of the main drafters of the Group Standards of Compliance Management System for China’s "Going Global" Enterprises, who helped a number of high-tech enterprises listing their shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and provided legal services for Chinese companies to "go global".  

Our team can provide enterprises with a full range of macro, meso and micro services on export controls and sanctions, including but not limited to the following:

1. Closely monitor the legislative and legal enforcement developments in China, the U.S. EU, Japan, South Korea, etc., on export controls and sanctions, and provide legal services and guidance for enterprises in terms of strategies and transaction arrangements by accurately interpreting and analyzing the legislation;

2. Assess legal risks for enterprises on export controls and sanctions, and provide risk assessment reports;

3. Help enterprises establish and/or improve their compliance management system, and build up their compliance system on export controls and sanctions;

4. Help enterprises establish internal and external audit systems;

5.Help companies with removal from the US sanctions list and release of blocked funds;

6. Develop an emergency mechanism for quickly handling non-compliant incidents, and formulate effective and practical mitigation and corrective measures;

7. Sort out the export control and sanctions requirements, embed them into the business processes of enterprises, and produce Import and Export Handbooks for enterprises;

8. Provide training on export controls and sanctions to the relevant staff for enterprises;

9. Provide tailored legal review and risk reminders as well as specific transaction risk assessments for enterprises;

10. Conduct thorough due diligence on target companies and third-party partners, and Investigate product ingredients;

11. Review the contract terms on export controls and economic sanctions, review the End-use and End-user Statements for enterprises, etc.