Recently, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), a leading international professional media,  published the 2023 edition of Strategy 300 Global Leaders. For the third year in a row, Jerry Xia was named to the list for its reputation and expertise in the field of Intellectual Property.

Details of the list can be found in the official IAM report by clicking here.

IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2023 guide covers the top experts in IP in North America, Europe and Asia. Through interviews with the top lawyers on the IAM Patent 1000 list and extensive nominations from industry insiders, the selection was designed to identify lawyers, counselors and other strategic experts who have made outstanding contributions to the intellectual property field. Jerry Xia, who has been widely recognized for his more than 20 years of providing strategic advice to domestic and international clients in the field of intellectual property, continues to be named to the IAM 300 Global Leaders list. In addition, Jerry Xia is a long-standing member of the IAM Strategy 300 list.