James Ma Partner, Beijing, Shenzhen
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Professional Profile

James MA is a senior partner of GEN Law Firm. James specializes and focuses on enforcing IP rights for multinational companies and Chinese companies (including patent, trade secrets, trademark, and unfair competition disputes); James also handles complicated commercial matters in China, such as product liability matters. 

James is a native Chinese trained patent lawyer/agent, and with the unique combination of a science and law background and strong expertise in international IP disputes and complicated commercial disputes, James is a seasoned and trusted advisor to world's top companies.

James has provided services for many MNCs and domestic companies in protecting their intellectual property rights and handling complicated commercial disputes in China.

James MA has worked at the prestigious law firms for more than 20 years, such as Lifang Law Firm, Jun He Law Offices, Allen & Overy LLC and Fenxun Baker McKenzie.

Partial Representative Case

James has advised many MNCs and domestic companies in IP enforcement cases, including advising:

  • RFMD (U.S.), in trade secrets infringement disputes, which involves misappropriation of technical secrets in CMOS technology of mobile chip;

  • MicroArray Company, in patent infringement/patent ownership/trade secrets Misappropriation disputes, which involves in fingerprint technology in mobile chips;

  • Panasonic Incorporation (Japan), in patent infringement and invalidation disputes, which involves control technology of fridge;

  • Tyco International (U.S.), in patent and trademark infringement disputes, which involves electromagnetic labels;

  • Bayer AG (Germany), in patent infringement disputes, which involves pesticide patent;

  • Merck & Co., Inc, in IP strategies for R&D activities in China;

  • GlaxoSmithKline plc., in IP disputes re R&D activities in China;

  • Abbott Inc. (U.S.), in patent infringement cases in China;

  • International Flavors and Fragrances (U.S.), in trade secrets and patent infringement/invalidation disputes;

  • Stolle Inc. (U.S.), in patent infringement and invalidation disputes;

  • Johnson Control Inc. (U.S.), in patent infringement and invalidation disputes;

  • Formosa Plastics Corporation (Taiwan), in patent infringement disputes;

  • JCB International Credit Card CO., Ltd., in IP strategy and design patent infringement analysis and freedom to operation analysis;

  • Solarcity (U.S.), in commercial contract disputes and trade secrets disputes, which involves electronic circuit technology of solar cell;

  • GE, in trade secrets disputes and technology transfer and license, which involves electronic technology;

  • Shandong Food Import & Export Inc., in anti-unfair competition disputes;

  • China Agricultural University, Ministry of Agriculture, and YuKou   Poultry Company, a trade secret dispute case involving technology of the National Poultry Breeding System.

Practice Areas

> Patent

> Trade secrets

> Competition

Education Background

Peking University, LL.B., Intellectual Property Law

Tsingtao University, B.E., Polymer Material

Lawyer Qualification

Registered Lawyer in China, Registered Patent Practitioner in China

Working Language

Mandarin, English