From May 16 to 20, the 2023 INTA Annual Meeting was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore. Official data show that the event attracted over 8,000 participants from various countries and regions worldwide, bringing together intellectual property practitioners from around the globe. The annual meeting featured a diverse and rich program, including keynote conversations, committee meetings, and educational sessions, covering hot topics such as the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

GEN team traveled to Singapore and actively participated in this year’s INTA. The team met with clients and partners, conducted in-depth face-to-face conversations, listened to the needs and voices of enterprises, and shared their achievements, experiences, insights, and feelings in the field of intellectual property over the past three years. On May 17, the GEN team hosted a special reception, inviting friends and partners to join in and share the joyful moments together.

The 2023 Singapore INTA journey has come to a successful conclusion, and GEN, along with friends from all walks of life, is looking forward to the 2024 Atlanta grand event.