The 2023 Global Pan-Entertainment Intellectual Property Summit, co-hosted by YIP Events and IP Frontier New Media, was grandly opened at the Amara Signature Hotel in Shanghai from June 29-30, 2023. The focal theme of this summit was "Constructing a New Entertainment Landscape Through Intellectual Property," the objective of which was to establish an expansive platform for global experts, scholars, industry trailblazers, and practitioners in the pan-entertainment sphere to engage in enlightening exchanges and profound discussions. GEN's partner Kevin Han was invited to partake in the session on "Copyright Protection, Infringement, and Overseas Risks in Short Videos" held on the afternoon of June 29th, and delivered a keynote speech.

In his presentation titled "Novel Challenges in Copyright Protection in the AI Era", Kevin Han provided a comprehensive and insightful dissection of the emerging challenges in copyright faced by different industry stakeholders in the AI epoch.

Mr. Han first analyzed the legal protection issues faced by content creators, followed by an analysis of the compliance issues in material acquisition faced by AI product operators and the compliance issues encountered when AI product users use AI-generated content. Finally, combining his own professional experience, Mr. Han made proposed recommendations on protection and use of AI-generated content.

The content of Mr. Han's presentation was rich and easy to understand, receiving widespread recognition and high praise from the attendees.