July 20, 2023 – The renowned legal media outlet, Asian Legal Business ("ALB"), announced the "2023 ALB China Top 15 Rising Lawyers" list, where Mr. Kevin Han, a partner at GEN Law Firm, was honored for his years of dedication and solid professional abilities in the field of intellectual property. He also received high praise from his clients.

Mr. Han's legal career began in the intellectual property sector. "I am incredibly fortunate that my mentor was a highly professional and strict lawyer. I learned a lot under his guidance. Even more fortunate, I found that I have a deep passion for intellectual property law, which is why I have been able to continue this work to date," he said.

For Mr. Han, his career trajectory may seem "ordinary", from legal assistant to lawyer, then to senior lawyer and partner. Yet, it's his passion and relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of intellectual property that has led him to significant professional achievements.

"Being a lawyer is essentially a service industry that requires daily dedication over decades, as well as continuous learning of new laws, cases, and knowledge. Without passion, the work will not yield as much joy," Mr. Han opined.

He enjoys seeing and accompanying the growth of his clients and the industry. Whether it's a tech or a brand company, intellectual property is a vital asset and a safeguard for the sustainable development of every enterprise. Hence, tailoring intellectual property protection strategies for businesses and witnessing the rapid growth of businesses with well-protected intellectual property brings Mr. Han immense professional fulfillment.

Mr. Han's future professional ambition is to become a top lawyer in the intellectual property field through helping his clients achieve their goals and garnering global recognition for China’s level for intellectual property protection. As a graduate of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, he also hopes to contribute to the protection of intellectual property in the Sichuan-Chongqing region through GEN Chengdu office, matching the rapid economic development of the area and making more contributions to the firm.

The clients' high praise of Mr. Han revolves around his solid foundation of knowledge and experience as well as his rich creativity, his diligent and advancing work ethic, and his efficient and timely service. 

ALB China Top 15 Rising Lawyers

The selection process for the ALB China Top 15 Rising Lawyers list is strictly fair, with candidates required to be under 40 years old or having no more than 15 years of legal practice experience. The selection mainly considers the candidate's main achievements, significant transactions or cases represented, major work content over the past 12 months, primary clients, awards received, and ratings from clients and colleagues.

Mr. Han's inclusion in the list is undoubtedly a full affirmation of his profound professional competence and excellent performance in the field of intellectual property. We look forward to his continued contributions to the cause of intellectual property protection in the future.