GEN Law Firm and its partner, Steve Zhao, have recently been commended in the WIPR Insights 2023 China PRC Trademarks Rankings released by the prestigious global intellectual property media outlet, World IP Review (WIPR). GEN Law Firm has been recognized for its exceptional performance, professional capabilities, and high level of client satisfaction in the field of trademark litigation. Likewise, Steve Zhao, a partner at GEN, has been included in the individual recommendation list for his professional expertise in the field of trademark litigation. This recognition reaffirms the leading position of GEN Law Firm and Steve Zhao in the intellectual property field.

GEN Law Firm expresses its heartfelt gratitude for this recognition, viewing it as an affirmation of their professional commitment and superior service. It also serves as a motivation for constant innovation and pursuit of excellence. The firm remains committed to providing clients with superior legal services, ensuring comprehensive protection of their commercial interests.

About GEN

GEN Law Firm has extensive experience across all areas of intellectual property law, particularly in handling significant intellectual property disputes and transactions that have industry-wide impact. The firm's specific areas of focus include intellectual property strategy, authorization, administrative litigation, infringement and unfair competition litigation, intellectual property arbitration, and transaction licensing. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies, high-tech enterprises, leading internet companies, renowned brands, and large industry associations.

The firm operates on the principle of unified office collaboration, with the intellectual property business department in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu working in close coordination. The department is composed of nearly 60 members, including partners, senior consultants, and lawyers, 17 of whom have over a decade of professional experience.

GEN lawyers have been featured in several rankings by Chambers & Partners, ALB, WTR, and LEGALBAND, and have received high praise from law enforcement agencies, courts, universities, industry associations, and fellow lawyers.

GEN Law Firm is committed to protecting corporate brands, technological innovation, and creativity, while maintaining a keen focus on global best practices and policy changes. The firm actively provides ongoing advice to Chinese legislative, law enforcement, and judicial authorities, and international industry associations on the evolution and reform of intellectual property in China.

In the field of trademarks, GEN Law Firm posseses a unique understanding and rich experience, thanks to two decades of experience and innovation from its lawyers. GEN lawyers are often the go-to choice for clients facing major, complex, and difficult trademark cases. They have repeatedly proven their ability to creatively apply the law to ensure the practical protection of their clients' commercial interests. In some extremely difficult cases, GEN lawyers can provide impactful solutions and often produce miraculous results. Their areas of expertise include high compensation or punitive compensation cases, acquisition and maintenance of weakly significant trademarks, recognition, protection, and anti-dilution of well-known trademarks, management of core trademark assets, trademark sniping during the listing process, trademark criminal cases, major trademark asset transactions, trademark layout and strategy, brand internationalization, and the application and protection of three-dimensional trademarks and color combination trademarks.