Ning Dong Partner, Beijing
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Professional Profile

Mr. Dong Ning specializes in intellectual property litigation and non-litigation business, particularly excelling at handling complex and high-profile IP disputes for technology companies.

Over the past nearly twenty years, Mr. Dong has represented clients in many major and complex technology dispute cases in China's primary IP jurisdiction courts. This includes a series of patent infringement lawsuits between leading domestic LED companies, patent infringement lawsuits initiated by multinational corporations, and trade secret infringement lawsuits. Thanks to his technical background in computer software and hardware, wireless communication, semiconductors, optoelectronics, Mr. Dong can quickly identify approaches in difficult cases and develop effective litigation strategies for clients. He is particularly skilled at coordinating patent infringement litigation with related patent invalidation procedures, helping clients achieve maximum advantages.

Mr. Dong also has abundant experience in the non-litigation field of IP. He has provided tailored intellectual property management consultation and IP due diligence services for many well-known companies in the TMT, medical device industries, and patent mining and prosecution services for numerous technology companies.

Before joining his current position, Mr. Dong practiced for over 14 years in three other leading Chinese IP firms.

Professional Affiliations

Among the first batch of IP volunteer experts in Beijing

Listed in the Beijing Lawyers Association's talent pool for lawyers specializing in foreign affairs

Partial Representative Case

(I) Patent

  • Represented a world-leading internet company in a patent infringement lawsuit and patent invalidation (involving image processing technology) against an NPE, forcing the latter to settle.

  • Represented an international leading semiconductor company in a patent infringement lawsuit and patent invalidity (involving processor technology) against an NPE, forcing the latter to settle.

  • Represented international patent holders in disputes over standard essential patent rate for 3G/4G communication protocols, promoting a global settlement.

  • Represented a world-leading agrochemical technology company in more than ten pesticide patent infringement lawsuits and administrative enforcement cases against competitors, achieving all victories. In one case, a preliminary injunction was historically obtained against alocal company at the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court.

  • Represented a domestic research institution in a patent infringement lawsuit and negotiation with a multinational corporation, helping both parties reach a global settlement.

  • Represented HC Semitek in defending a series of patent infringement lawsuits involving LED chips initiated by a competitor and participated in patent invalidation procedures.

  • Represented Wi-LAN in a patent infringement lawsuit against a US company and in patent invalidation and administrative litigation (involving memory technology).

  • Represented Honeywell in handling patent invalidation and administrative litigation cases related to 2D barcode scanning, as well as patent infringement lawsuits against multiple companies.

  • Represented a Swiss company in initiating patent administrative enforcement against domestic competitors and obtained a favorable judgment (involving printing equipment).

(II) Trade Secrets

  • Represented an leading Internet company in multiple trade secret infringement cases against former employees and obtained behavior preservation.

  • Represented a leading battery company in a trade secret infringement case against a former employee.

  • Represented Shenzhen uCloudlink in a trade secret infringement case, involving mobile WiFi technology.

  • Represented in multiple trade secret criminal cases.

  • Provided a legal opinion on trade secret infringement risk for a large domestic energy group.

  • Represented a domestic testing equipment company in trade secret infringement litigation and administrative complaints.

(III) Non-Contentious

  • Provided Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis for several domestic medical equipment companies for their products to be lauched.

  • Provided FTO for a domestic new energy company's lithium battery products.

  • Represented an international medical device company in reaching a patent license agreement with a domestic medical device manufacturer.

  • Provided anti-monopoly policy consultation for several patent pools.

  • Provided patent due diligence services for several companies.

  • Provided comprehensive intellectual property services, including patent mining and prosecution, for several internet and smart device companies.

Practice Areas

> Intellectual Property

> Unfair Competition

Education Background

J.M, Peking University

M.S, in Signal and Information Processing, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

B.S, in Electrical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology University

Lawyer Qualification

Patent Attorney (China), Attorney at Law (China)

Working Language

Chinese, English