The 2023 Academic Annual Conference of the Association of Legislation of the China Law Society (CLS) was held in Tianjin from the 11th to the 12th of November. President Wang Chen of the China Law Society made the keynote speech.

The annual conference, with the theme "Legislative Theory and Practice in the New Era" was hosted by Tianjin University Law School. Over 400 experts and scholars from higher education institutions, research organizations, and legislative practice departments nationwide participated in this event. The conference has parallel forums on "Legislative Theory in the New Era," "Legislation on Technology and Artificial Intelligence," "Codification of Laws: Focusing on Environmental Codes," "Legislation in Key, Emerging, and Foreign-related Areas," "Local Legislation Theory and Practice," and "Youth Forum." Those discussions took place across 6 forums and 17 sessions.

He Jing, the managing partner at GEN Law Firm, was invited to speak in the forum "Legislation in Key, Emerging, and Foreign-related Areas." He co-authored with Professor Qu Xiangdong on the paper titled "Challenges of Global Governance and Standing in The Source of Overseas Compliance Programs" and submitted the paper to the conference.