The 2023 Licensing Executive Society (LES) Asia Pacific Conference were successfully in Shenzhen, China, jointly organized by LES China and LES China-Hong Kong Sub-Chapter from November 17 to 18. Under the theme "Intellectual Property Promotes Prosperity - New Challenges of Licensing Intellectual Property in the Asia Pacific Region," this annual meeting aimed to discuss the latest issues in global commercialization of intellectual property and to build a platform for international exchange and commercialization, promoting the commercialization and management of intellectual property on a global scale.

During Panel Discussion 2 of Session 1, “IP Commercialization Drives Innovation and Prosperity”, Johnson Li, partner of GEN Law Firm, offered insightful perspectives on the impact of IP commercialization on the contemporary economy. He also discussed how to enhance the value of intellectual property through effective commercialization strategies. This panel discussion was moderated by Christopher Shaowei, Vice President of LES China, and Mr. Li’s presentation received widespread recognition and positive feedback from the experts in attendance.

The conference also featured prominent speakers, including Fang Liu, Partner of Leader Patent & Trademark Firm, Frank Gao from the Ladas & Parry LLP, and Chi Cheng, partner of Beijing Liushen (Shenzhen) Law Firm. Each contributed valuable insights and engaged in in-depth discussions on pressing issues within their respective fields.

This year's LES Asia-Pacific Conference and LES China Annual Meeting was an important event that provided participants with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the global IP market environment. The conference not only laid a solid foundation for promoting international cooperation and development within the field of intellectual property but also facilitated meaningful exchanges and dialogues among participants. It is expected that the insights and discussions generated during the conference will inspire new approaches and solutions for advancing global IP practices.

The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is a global professional organization dedicated to advancing licensing trade, international technology transfer, and the protection of intellectual property. With over 30 national and regional societies and numerous working committees, LESI stands at the forefront of IP development. The Licensing Executives Society China, established in April 1986, is committed to fostering progress in China's licensing trade, technology transfer, and IP protection systems and practices, thereby promoting technological innovation, enhancing professional ethics and expertise, and strengthening China's international cooperation in these critical fields.