He Jing, the managing partner of GEN Law Firm, was recently invited to join the editorial board of Journal of WTO and China. On the morning of December 5, 2023, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) held the Symposium on Quality Development of Journal of WTO and China and Editorial Board Inauguration Ceremony, where He Jing and other members of the Journal of WTO and China editorial board were officially appointed with a three-year term. 


The Symposium on Quality Development of Journal of WTO and China and Editorial Board Inauguration Ceremony hosted by UIBE aimed to enhance the quality of the university's foreign-language academic journals and strengthen its international academic influence. The event's opening ceremony featured the speech by Prof. Zhao Zhongxiu, President of UIBE, and Chong Quan, President of the China World Trade Organization Research Association. 


We are confident that Mr. He will bring his wealth of experience in WTO-related issues to the table and provide a unique and insightful perspective to the global conversation on trade and economic governance during his three-year tenure.

About Journal of WTO and China

Journal of WTO and China, a quarterly English-language publication established in 2011, is currently the sole English-language journal in China dedicated to the study of WTO-related issues. The journal is overseen by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, sponsored by UIBE, and collaborates with the China WTO Research Association. It is also fully indexed in the Hein Online database.

The journal comprises four main sections: WTO, WTO and China, Global Economic Governance, and WTO and US. It covers a wide range of topics pertinent to the World Trade Organization and China, including WTO research, characteristics of China's economy, the reciprocal impact of the WTO and China's economy, service trade, trade remedies, trade barriers, policy reviews, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, regional economic integration, trade and the environment, and many other relevant subjects.