Gelian Xi Senior Consultant (Government), Beijing
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Professional Profile

Gelian is a partner-level Senior Consultant in GEN Law Firm leading the regulatory and government affairs practice. She has worked for the Ministry of Commerce for 18 years. In 2007 she began engaging in government affair consulting serving a wide range of clients, including Chinese government departments, domestic and foreign companies, and business associations. Using a Legal+GR approach, Gelian leads her team to help clients with in-depth interpretation of policies, formulation and implementation of GR strategies, analysis and resolution of various regulatory issues, and response to major PR crisis. With a long list of successful track record, Gelian is a trusted GR professional before both the government and her clients. She was recently selected into the Expert Committee of one of the largest trade associations in China with over 14000 members.

Partial Representative Case

  • Assisted the US Chamber of Commerce and PhRMA in an advocacy program lasting for over 3 years working on the relevant Chinese government agencies including the CFDA, MOFCOM, NPC Legal Affairs Committee, State Council Legislative Office, and the Supreme Court to apply the patent linkage mechanism and other policies to better protect IPR.

  • Advised an international company on a local SAMR investigation concerning Advertisement Law violation accusation and successfully saved the client from a possible fine of RMB 28 million by working on different levels of SAMR.

  • Assisted an international company to design and execute GR strategy to communicate with the central and different levels of the local government to get their support to protect its legitimate rights infringed by a local company with strong viscous power.

  • Assisted an international company in communicating with the local branch of SAMR concerning a product quality failure in an annual inspection to minimize the impact on the company reputation and business operation.

  • Advised an international company in direct selling business, a highly-regulated industry in China, on various regulatory issues such as license approval, and compliance issues.

  • Advised a technology company in a lengthy antitrust inquiry process in which the major officials were rather hostile to the company and eventually avoided the initiation of an official investigation.

  • Advised an international company in rounds of negotiation with a local government which ended up with a satisfactory compensation package for its factory relocation demanded by the government.

  • Advised a leading basketball league on a major PR crisis assisting the client in resuming communication with the concerned government agencies.

  • Advised a well-known local brand on a major PR crisis successfully mitigating the negative media reports online and achieving a favorable ruling after a government investigation.

Practice Areas

> Regulatory and Government Affairs

Education Background

University of International Business and Economics, Bachelor of Economics

Working Language

Chinese, English