Long Fei Senior Counsel , Beijing
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Professional Profile

Mr. Long is a senior consultant (partner level) of GEN Law Firm with 16 years of experience in practicing law in multiple positions.

Mr. Long has authored several papers, including "Study on the Causation of Civil Compensation for Securities Fraud in the United States", "Undisclosed Material Trading Information Should be Considered as Insider Information", "Changes in the Function of Administrative Acts in German Administrative Litigation", "Protection of ‘Process Information’ in the German Freedom of Information Act", published in “Securities Law Review”, "The Application of Law - Judicial Cases", "Financial Law", "Administrative Law Research", and other legal journals. Ms. Long also co-edited "Essence of Securities Law System of the People's Republic of China and Commentary on the Provisions" (Chapter 6), "Securities Jurisprudence (21st Century Chinese Universities Law Series Textbook)", "Industrial and Commercial Administrative Law Enforcement Typical Case Commentary", published in "China Legal Publishing House 2020 edition", "Renmin University of China Press", and "China Industry and Commerce Publishing House 2006 edition".

Professional Affiliations

Member of Beijing Xicheng District Youth Federatio

Executive Director of the Securities Law Research Society of the China Law Society

Director of the Administrative Rule of Law Branch of the China Society of Behavioral Law

External master's mentor of the Law School of Renmin University of China

Invited mediator of Shenzhen Securities and Futures Industry Dispute Mediation Center

Honorary Titles And Awards

Beijing Law Society's

Partial Representative Case

Major Securities Administrative Dispute Cases

Everbright Securities "Oolong finger" insider trading securities administrative penalty case.

Xintai Electric securities issuance fraud administrative penalty case (the first delisting punishment case in China).

Securities misrepresentation administrative penalty case involving Kelong Electrical.

Kunming Machine Tools securities misrepresentation penalty case.

Hongxin Futures Company's cancellation of futures license administrative license case.

A Harbin investment consulting company cancellation of securities license administrative license case.

Zhou insider trading securities penalty case.

Cai insider trading securities penalty case.

Hong Kong East Asia Vacuum Company's violation of securities holding reduction penalty case (the first securities holding reduction administrative penalty case in China).

A Guangzhou investment management company’s violation of securities holding reduction penalty case.

Lin's illegal securities practice administrative penalty case.

Chen's fabricating and disseminating false securities information administrative penalty case (the first litigation over administrative penalty for fabricating and disseminating false securities information in China).

Administrative settlement case of Goldman Sachs and Shanghai Citadel for alleged violation of securities laws (the first case of securities administrative settlement in China).

Major Securities Civil Dispute Case

"Xiangyuan Culture" securities misrepresentation civil compensation case.

“Wuyang bond” civil compensation case for fraudulent issuance (the first civil compensation case for fraudulent issuance of bonds and the first case of securities representative litigation in China).

"Kangmei Pharmaceutical" civil compensation case for securities misrepresentation and administrative reporting of securities violations.

"Beijing Tianli" securities misrepresentation civil compensation case.

"China Hi-Tech" securities misrepresentation civil compensation case.

Major Administrative Cases

Financial Management

Beijing WEAL Trade & Development Co., Ltd. v. Ministry of Finance government procurement complaint handling decision case (the first case of government procurement complaint handling litigation in China).

Zhang v. Ministry of Finance non-tax income administrative management case (the first lawsuit of tax refund management in China).

Foreign Exchange Regulation

China Metro Financial Leasing Company v. State Administration of Foreign Exchange administrative penalty case (selected in Selected Cases of the People's Court).

Company Management

Beijing Zhongnong Limin Sheep Industry Co., Ltd. v. Beijing Market Supervision Bureau for penalty of misrepresenting registered capital.

China Grand Enterprises v. Former State Administration for Industry and Commerce for equity pledge registration.

Natural Resources

A mineral enterprise involving Asia's largest molybdenum mine, Shapinggou Molybdenum Mine v. Ministry of Natural Resources mineral administrative license case.

Food and Drug Administration

Sunflower Pharmaceutical v. Former State Food and Drug Administration for drug approval.

Lanling Pharmaceutical v. Former State Food and Drug Administration for drug approval.

Vellpharm Pharmaceutical Company of Vietnam v. Former State Food and Drug Administration for drug approval.

Kunming MiaoSen Biotechnology Co. v. Former State Food and Drug Administration for denial of administrative license.

Zhao v. former Ministry of Health for disclosure of government information on raw dairy product standard.

Environmental Protection

Shi v. Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for environmental administrative license regarding relocation of Beijing Ditan Hospital.

Jinzhou Xiafeng Dairy Products Factory v. Former State Environmental Protection Bureau over environmental protection acceptance opinion.

Jiadao (Shandong) Testing Technology Ltd. v. former State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for administrative license of automobile exhaust testing equipment.

Major Intellectual Property Cases

Hong Kong Ruixinhang Co. v. National Copyright Administration for copyright registration.

Seiko Epson Corporation v. State Intellectual Property Office for patent re-examination decision.

Plant Research International Company v. State Intellectual Property Office of China for invention patent denied entry to the national phase of China.

Practice Areas

> Securities Dispute Resolution

> Government Regulation and Dispute Resolution

> Corporate Governance and Compliance

Education Background

Remin University, S.J.D.

Remin University, LL.M.

Lawyer Qualification


Working Language

Chinese, English, German