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Professional Profile

Ms. Tung provides legal services of dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, contract review and negotiation, enforcement and policy advocacy on copyright, trademark, unfair competition and cybersecurity issues. She has managed the legal services for entertainment, sports, internet, branding and high-tech companies.

Ms. Tung is a creative and dedicated lawyer with solid litigation skills. She is good at handling difficult IP-related disputes. She is the leading lawyer in the first civil case recognizing merchandising rights in China (NBAP v. Mengka Games), which was awarded as “2018 TOP Ten Classic Internet Related Cases” by Guangdong High Court, the “2018 Guangzhou Top Ten Classic IP Civil & Administrative Cases” by Guangzhou IP Court, and “2018-2019 QBPC Annual Top Ten Cases in IP Protection and Model Cases Bridging Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement”. Ms. Tung has also led many cases highly focused by the relevant industries, such as the pirate live sports programs case and housing data piracy cases.

Ms. Tung is the drafter of many IP policy position papers for the courts and government departments. As a key member of Sports IP Committee of China IP Law Society, she has closely followed up with the cutting-edge issues of copyright law, entertainment law and sports law. Ms. Tung has regularly advised industry asscoiations, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on IP policy issues.

Professional Affiliations

Member of Sports IP Committee of China IP Law Society

Honorary Titles And Awards

LEGALBAD China 30 Under 30 Lawyers, 2019

Managing IP Rising Star, 2019

Partial Representative Case

Commercial License

Advised Zhujiang Film on distribution of European films in China.

Advised Alibaba Music on daily IP and compliance issues, such as music license, artist brokerage, sponsorship, performance, internet-related compliance issues, etc.

Advised Universal Parks & Resorts on IP licensing for its Beijing theme park.

Advised YOUKU on daily IP and compliance issues, such as film & TV drama license, entertainment and internet related compliance issues, etc.

Advised a MCN institute in designing the template of brokerage contract for KOL.

Advised Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing on IP license, commissioning and publishing issues.

Advised McGraw-Hill on IP license in China.

Advised NHL on licensing, sports event organization and promotion matters in China.

Advised Yezi on cinematographic adaptation license of the famous online games “Legend of MIR 2”.

Advised Locojoy on daily IP and compliance issues, such as online games license, games and internet related compliance issues, etc.

Advised a Chinese animation company on IP license and merchandizing of the cartoon image GON.

Dispute Resolution

Represented NBA in online copyright protection matters in China, one of the cases is the first civil case recognizing merchandising rights in China, awarded as“2018 TOP 10 Internet-related Cases” by Guangdong High People’s Court, “2018 TOP 10 Classic Civil & Administrative Cases” by Guangzhou IP Court, and 2018-2019 QBPC Annual Top 10 Cases in IP Protection.

Represented Tencent in anti-unfair competition cases.

Represented Lianjia/Beike in housing data related disputes.

Represented a Hollywood studio in the arbitration with Wanda.

Represented Xunlei in copyright infringement and contract dispute cases.

Represented Locojoy in online games dispute.

Represented Volkswagen in copyright and right of portrait related disputes.

Represented Yezi in contract dispute about online games.

Represented PerfectWorld in taking-down actions and license negotiation for over 10,000 web fictions.

Brand Protection

Represented Hugo Boss in its trademark portfolio management in China.

Represented Major Baseball League in trademark oppositions and cancellation matters.

Represented Talpa in trademark opposition, invalidation and cancellation actions against pirates in China.

Represented IQOS in trademark infringement cases.

Represented Johnson & Johnson in trademark administrative cases.

Represented Herschel in trademark administrative cases.

Advised Wargaming on copyright protection and registration matters.

Advised companies in animitation, household, games, sports and internet industries on trademark registration matters.

Policy Advocacy

Provided regular consultation services to U.S. Chamber (Global Intellectual Property Center) on all IP areas, including preparing position papers on major IP legislations in China.

Advised and implemented projects to produce innovation and IP documentary to promote pro-innovation messages in China.

Represented a major software association in preparing multiple position papers on the Copyright Law, Patent Law, IP Misuse Rules, Inventor Remuneration Rules of China.

IP Anti-Monopoly

Advised a cross-borad company in an anti-monopoly case.

Provide legal analysis on anti-monopoly matters for a software company.

Education Background

LL.M., Cornell University

LLB, Southwest Universtiy of Policitcal Science and Law

Lawyer Qualification


Working Language

Chinese, English