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We thank you for considering GEN Law Firm (“GEN”) Corporate Department to assist you in relation to Corporate matters.

China's corporate practice is entering in a new phase as the stock market welcomes a big stream of incoming listed companies while the regulatory framework is maturing and supportive of the market-oriented approach.

The Corporate Department of GEN provides a full range of services - M&A transaction, Private Equity and Venture Capital, FDI, Banking and Finance, Labor and Employment, Capital Markets, Outbound Investment, and Bankruptcy and Restructing. After years of cultivation, our clients range from multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, private companies and emerging companies in industries including pharmaceuticl and health, AI, finance and insurance, technology, telecommunications and internet, education and entertainment, semiconductor, logistics and retail, chemical, food and beverage, and automotive and aerospace.

We are pleased to assist you in securing your business success by providing our excellent legal services.    

1. Foreign Investment and Corporate
GEN is one of the leading legal advisors in matters related to foreign investment, backed by many years of experience and a record of client success. Collaborated with top-tier foreign law firms and attorneys, we have been representing major international corporations in their investments in China, daily operations, Mergers and Acquisitions, rights protections and other legal matters.
We represent various Frotune 500 companies in their most noteworthy transactions. GEN Corporate Department can execute any type of transaction, in any industry and economic climate. Our clients’ industries range from traditional sectors such as chemical energy, automobile and parts, fashion and FMCG, food and beverage, medicine, and emerging sectors including life science, e-commerce, AI and chip manufacturing.  
Our Services:
Corporate Affairs  Assist clients in corporate establishment, changing of business registration particulars, drafting documents such as Articles of Association, Joint Venture Contract, and Shareholder Agreement; assist companies in convening and presiding over daily and extraordinary shareholder meetings and board meetings, drafting documents such as shareholder resolution, board resolution, and revising and updating the companies' constutinal documents.
Contract Management Assist companies in reviewing business contracts, including but not limited to procurement contracts, sales contracts, leasing contracts, labor contracts, loan contracts, etc.; assist companies in drafting business contract templates, such as procurement contracts, sales contracts, labor contracts, intellectual property licensing or assignment contracts, etc.
Operational Compliance  Provide consultation services on various legal issues encountered in the company's daily operations (such as land, custom procedures, foreign exchange, etc.); assist companies in developing regulations and policies; assist companies in  responding to compliance and due diligence requirements of suppliers or customers; provide legal training services (such as compliance training for sales staff).
Government Affairs  Advise on government regulatory issues, including but not limited to customs, foreign exchange, labor and employment, tax, IP, real estate utilize and disposal, etc.); represent companies in communicating with relevant government authorities.
Bankruptcy and Restructing  Assist companies in winding up and liquidation; represent companies in filing for bankruptcy; represent creditors in filing claims, participating in creditor meetings and communicating with liquidation team.

2.  Merges & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions is one of our key practice areas. We are well trusted by our clients for our excellent teamwork and effective management of complex M&A transactions. We have assisted many leading state-owned enterprises, multinational enterprises and private enterprises to complete their investment at home and abroad and successfully develop domestic and overseas business in various business areas.
Our M&A practice covers a wide range of industries, including chemical energy, healthcare, artificial intelligence, fashion and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), food and agricultural products, etc. Combined with our diverse backgrounds of our lawyers, we can create a multi-functional and distinctive team according to the specific circumstances of the transaction, thus ensuring to provide comprehensive legal services to our clients at all stages of the transaction.
Our Services:
Transaction Structure  Conduct legal Analysis on the feasibility of acquisition, including advice on industry access and approval policies, tax planning, foreign exchange issues, personnel placement and other transaction related matters.
Due Dilligence Conduct due diligence analysis. Provide services including document review, interviews, independent investigations, issuing due diligence reports, and taking measures to mitigate or eliminate legal risks identified.
Negotiation and Delivery  Draft, negotiate, revise, translate, arrange for the signing of various transaction documents, and assist in the delivery and approval matters (including anti-monopoly declaration).
Business Integration  Assist in the performance of post delivery obligations and participate in business integration and structure reorganization during the transition period and post delivery period.

3. Private Equity and Venture Capital
We were among the first group of Chinese lawyers to provide comprehensive private equity and venture capital legal services. Our services cover all aspects of fund raising, investment, management and exit. We have always been highly praised by clients for our excellent legal services that ensure the smooth progress of their transactions.
Among the many private equity and venture capital projects, we represent not only financial investors and venture capitalists, but also sellers, banks and founders of emerging companies. Our professional and diverse team of lawyers keeps abreast of the hot topics and the latest regulatory trends, combined with our extensive experience, ensuring that we can provide our clients with accurate, unique, pragmatic and efficient legal services.
Our Services:
Investment Fund Set Up Assist clients to attain fund manager, QFLP and QDLP qualifications; set up various private equity funds, including private equity investment funds, venture capital investment funds, master funds and government-guided funds, etc.
Fund Raising Design the legal scheme and tax structure for fund raising; draft, review, revise and negotiate the legal documents for fund raising.
Fund Investment  Draft, review and revise investment term lists and investment framework agreements; conduct legal due diligence; draft, review, revise and negotiate investment documents (such as share purchase agreements, capital increase agreements, shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements, articles of association or bridge loan agreements); build or dismantle red chip structure.
Fund Management  Provide routine and project-based investment management for all types of private equity funds in respect of their portfolio companies.
Fund Withdrawl Assist all types of private equity funds to achieve investment exit, including overall sale, mergers and acquisitions, IPO (initial public offering) and capital restructuring, etc.; assist all types of private equity funds to liquidate.

4. Outbound Investment
We assist Chinese enterprises in overseas investment in North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. These overseas investment projects involve a variety of industries and business needs. Based on years of practical experience, our team has a deep understanding of the complex legal systems and diverse social and cultural environments of many investment destinations.
We make the most of our resources all around the world. Together with our local teams of professionals in investment destination countries, we are able to provide Chinese investors with comprehensive and practical legal, tax and compliance advice to help them achieve their investment goals efficiently. We are also frequently advised on specific regulatory issues relating to cross-border investment in China, such as structuring optimisation of investment and operations, foreign exchange control, and tax compliance etc.
Our Services:
Early-stage Preparations Assist in designing and improvement of domestic and foreign investment structure; conduct relevant feasibility analysis; assist in the examination, approval, registration and archival procedures with relevant domestic departments related to overseas investment; coordinate the lawyers of the place where the overseas investment projects are located.
Transaction Promotion  Coordinate and participate in the due diligence on outbound investment projects; participate in drafting legal documents on outbound investment; assist in commercial negotiations throughout the process; assist clients in selecting and coordinating and managing local intermediary institutions abroad.
Specialized Services  Resolve legal conflicts in different jurisdictions; provide legal opinions on specific issues; provide advice on applications, bilateral investment treaties and tax treaties in other international arrangements related to the investments; provide advice on disclosure requirements for listed companies or requirements of other Chinese regulatory authorities, etc.

5. Banking and Finance
Our banking and finance legal team provides first-class financial legal services to a wide range of domestic and foreign clients. Our lawyers have extensive experience with clients including commercial banks, multinational insurance companies, institutional investors, investment banks, investment funds, hedge funds, corporations and other financial institutions covering debt financing, financial institution/product compliance and interest rate, foreign exchange, bulk commodities, energy, emissions and climate related financial derivatives markets and futures and options trading.
Our financial dispute resolution team specializes in regulatory dispute resolution in financial sector, civil disputes resolution over large-scale securities misrepresentation and dispute resolution arising from complex trade finance products. We have the top financial dispute resolution experts in China, with extensive experience in handling the most socially significant and complex cases in the field.
Our Services:
Debt Financing  Assist in debt financing between the company and banks and other financial institutions, including but not limited to working capital loans, mergers&acquisitions loans, syndicated loans and project financing; draft, review and revise loan contracts/borrowing contracts; assist the company in issuing bonds, including but not limited to corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds.
Financing Guarantee Assist the company in drafting, reviewing and revising guarantee contracts, including but not limited to guarantee contracts, pledge contracts or mortgage contracts; assist the company in foreign debt and foreign guarantees, including but not limited to overseas lending secured by domestic guarantee, and domestic lending secured by overseas guarantee.
Financial Activities Assist the company in financial activities such as insurance, wealth management, trust, securities, futures and over-the-counter derivatives trading; assist the company in developing negotiable instruments business, including, without limitation, discounting, acceptance and pledge; assist the company in supply chain financing business, including, without limitation, accounts receivable financing, order financing, letter of credit financing and chattel pledge financing.
Regulatory Disputes Assist in financial regulatory dispute resolution, including regulatory risk assessment, communication, and full process legal support from administrative investigation, hearing, administrative reconciliation to administrative reconsideration and litigation for specific disputes.
Commercial Disputes  Represent the company in resolution of trade financing disputes such as trusts, financial lease, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, factoring, forfaiting and supply chain financing, etc., as well as solutions for issuers in large-scale securities civil disputes such as securities misrepresentation.

6. Capital Markets and Securities
We represent issuers and underwriters in global capital market transactions, acting as legal adviser for issuers and underwriters in IPO (initial public offerings) or reverse takeover listings of domestic and international stock exchanges, and provide opinions to domestic and foreign listed companies on reporting requirements, stockholder matters and listing requirements of major global stock exchanges. In addition, we also provide legal advice on restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises or institutions, restructuring of private companies, private equity financing and other securities-related issues.
Securities dispute resolution is one of the key practice areas of our firm, and our team is particularly good at handling regulatory disputes in securities field and civil dispute resolution over large-scale securities misrepresentation, and can provide clients with industry-leading solutions in securities regulatory disputes and commercial disputes.
Our Services:
Listing Prepartion  Conduct comprehensive legal due diligence on the company's history evolution, shareholders' equity, asset ownership, corporate governance,  senior management appointment, three meetings, major creditor's rights and debts, business compliance, connected transactions and horizontal competition, social security, environmental protection, taxation, administrative penalties, litigation and arbitration, etc; propose solutions or recommendations on legal issues affecting the listing of the company identified in the legal due diligence; assist the company in formulating restructuring plans and issuing relevant legal documents; supplement and improve the articles of association, rules and regulations and governance structure according to the law; provide consultation on relevant legal issues involved in the implementation of the restructuring plan; assist the company in the restructuring and reorganization of the company (including shareholding restructuring, conversion and restructuring of public institutions); assist the company to formulate the listing plan and timetable; participate in the coordination meetings of intermediaries regarding the listing project.
Listing Application  Issue legal documents required to be submitted for listing according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the listing location and Chinese laws and regulations, such as legal opinions, etc.; assist the company to communicate with relevant government departments on Chinese legal issues involved in the listing; draft compliance certificates that need to be issued by the Chinese government authorities; assist in reviewing the contents related to Chinese laws in listing documents, such as prospectuses, restructuring reports and audit reports, etc.; assisting in replying to the feedback questions put forward by the securities regulatory authority at the place where the company is listed involving Chinese laws.
Listed Companies  Assist in corperate governance, daily operation and information disclosure of listed companies; share incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans of listed companies; subsequent legal issues in China after the approval of listing; refinancing of listed companies; acquisition, merger, division, major asset restructuring, delisting and resumption of listing of listed companies; share split and repurchase of listed companies; other Chinese legal matters as required by the regulatory authority of the place of listing.
Regulation and Disputes  Assist in securities regulatory dispute resolution; provide solutions for issuers in large-scale securities civil disputes such as securities misrepresentation. 

7. Labor and Employment

We provide comprehensive legal services to clients on labor and employment-related issues, including employment structuring design, labor issues in mergers and acquisitions, inter-regional labor contract transfer and succession, redundancy and collective bargaining, advice on union and staff council-related issues, employee benefits and welfare, corporate supplemental pension and annuity plans, other benefits and social insurance-related issues, employee incentive plans, and labor litigation/arbitration.
We also advise clients on employee compensation plans, employment contracts, employee handbooks, employment rules and regulations, as well as on work permits for foreign employees working in China, inter-regional transfer of employees, termination of employment contracts and remuneration issues. Our legal services cover the rights and responsibilities of employers and the rights and obligations of employees during the existence and dissolution of employment relationships, as well as during mergers and acquisitions and general corporate and business restructuring.
Our Services:
Labor and Personnel Draft or review employment contracts, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements; assist clients in creating labor manuals and other internal personnel management systems; provide legal advice on day-to-day labor and employment matters.
Equity Incentives Design employee equity incentive structures and provide legal advice on related issues; draft equity incentive plans, corresponding authorization and execution documents; assist in completing registration and filing related to equity incentives; handle foreign exchange issues under cross-border equity incentive plans and corresponding reporting matters.
Dispute Resolution  Handle all kinds of labor and personnel disputes (including labor arbitration and litigation); assist the company in handling personnel transfer, layoffs, retrenchment compensation and other matters; handle labor-management conflicts and related PR crisis.
White-collar Crime Respond to white-collar crime risks, including those related to tax, fraud, commercial bribery, embezzlement, unfair competition, intellectual property, trade secrets and state secrets; provide practical solutions. Conduct investigations regarding suspected criminal violations or misconduct by company employees or executives, and assess the nature and extent of the suspected conduct. Evaluate the potential impact of suspected employee misconduct, criminal offenses, or other conduct, and provide legal advice to company executives on how to address issues arising from any non-compliance.

8.  Government Affairs
Our government affairs team is composed of geopolitical experts, former government workers, experts in government relations within multinational corporations and large state-owned enterprises, and former judges and lawyers with extensive expertise and successful practical experience. Our government affairs service solutions capture the balance between government regulation, corporate compliance and practical operations, and meet the interests of all parties under the premise of compliance.
Our geopolitical experts and former government staff have deep insight into the laws and trends of national relations development, and are familiar with government structures, organizational forms and decision-making processes, so that they can more effectively interface between enterprises and government and respond to the core demands of enterprises. Our government relations experts from multinational companies and large state-owned enterprises have been working in government affairs for many years, and have rich experience in working and communicating with the government, and have close working relationships with the actual operators of functional departments and local governments, and understand the practical operation of legislation, law enforcement and justice. Our team includes scholars from universities and research institutions, former judges and lawyers with rich legal and policy theory and practical experience, who can better assist companies in making their voices heard externally and assist them in formulating and implementing government affairs work plans.
Our Services:
General Counsel  Servce as perennial advisor on government affairs of companies and help companies identify the relevant matters involved in the coordination with government ministries in the course of operation; maintain the relationship between the governments with respect to the relevant ministries; timely follow up the relevant government policies and assist  companies in the layout of government affairs.
Public Opinion and Reputation Management Assist companies in responding to government supervision; contact relevant government agencies and key responsible persons for communication and coordination in case of public opinion and management crises; report and negotiate with competent agencies and media platforms to resolve the impact and influence of public opinion issues on normal business operations.
Quality Management
Faciliate companies improve the quality control system of products and services and prevent them from crossing the red line of product quality; and successfully solve the crisis of product quality through a two-pronged mode of legal + government relations.
Coordination  Provide companies with appropriate legal and government relations strategies; assist them in communicating, coordinating and negotiating with the government; and fight for their best interests and avoid serious losses in relevant government decisions or expropriation cases.
Advertising Compliance  Provide legal analysis on whether the advertisement/publicity style and content of the company's consultation are compliant; consult with the responsible person in charge of the competent authority to prevent the company from being punished by the regulatory authority due to the advertisement/publicity; promptly report and negotiate with the competent authority and media platform in case of relevant punishment; conduct legal analysis on issues related to the content of the advertisement in response to the investigation and punishment by the competent authority, and negotiate with the competent authority. In response to investigations and penalties imposed by competent authorities, conduct legal analysis of issues related to the content of advertisements, and negotiate with competent authorities to avoid high penalties.

9.  Data Protection
Data is vital to the security of national sovereignty and to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Our data compliance experts are not only familiar with the regulatory framework in China, but also with the EU, US and Asian privacy professionals accredited by the international professional organization IAPP, with a broad international perspective and insight into the macro policy landscape. We always uphold the concept of going deeper into business scenarios to help enterprises develop their digital transformation, where compliance is the starting point and development is the goal. With years of deep industry experience, we have rich experience in data compliance in finance, automotive, pharmaceuticals and health, and TMT.
Our team is particularly adept at combining creative legal thinking and best-in-class compliance measures to handle data regulatory matters; providing targeted advice to enterprises on complex regulatory matters and crisis management issues, and assisting in their implementation.
Our Services:
Comprehensive Services  Draft/review legal texts of privacy policies, data protection agreements, cross-border transmission agreements, etc.; draft/review agreements and business policies related to the provision of online products and services; review/revise employment contract agreements, privacy statements, etc.; interpretation of laws and regulations; data-related infringement, contractual, anti-trust and anti-unfair competition dispute resolution and litigation response.
Information Security  Advise on Information security/compliance policies; information security management policies/guidelines; information security protection policies/guidelines; information asset classification and grading management system.
Regulatory Assessment  Assist in cyber security law self-assessment; assist in personal information protection self-assessment; assist in data cross-border transmission self-assessment; assist clients in analyzing their role identification and regulatory obligations to be met under the relevant laws; make recommendations on measures to be taken to meet regulatory obligations and reduce compliance risks.
Strategy Coordination  Assist companies in strategically building regulatory trust; data security and violation response; open communication and coordination channels with relevant government agencies and key responsible persons; promptly report and negotiate with competent agencies and media platforms; and resolve impacts and effects on normal operations due to public opinion issues.

10. Intellectual Property
The firm has a powerhouse in China intellectual property matters. We are picked for complex IP litigation and transactional matters. We litigate over semiconductor, wireless, biopharmaceutical and medical device patents, difficult bad faith trademarks, cross-border trade secret issues, around China. We have won uphill battles in patent invalidation matters and secured victories for ground-breaking technologies. We also advice on major TMT licensing deals, and in particulary we are very familiar with the increasingly complicated technology import/export control systems. And we master the art of negotiation and communication in China, which enables us to generate additional values for our clients.
Our attorneys come with decade experience of major MNC chief IP counsel position, judiciary insights in IP, and our attorneys are awarded as both world leading strategist and top litigators. The IP practice is proud for its commitment to protecting innovation, branding and creativity. The lawyers research on best practice and policy changes around the world. We advice major international industry associations and actively contribute to the maturing China IP system.
The IP Team has captured nearly all the industry awards, on team-basis or individual basis. But what is more important is to go beyond the recognition and look for next level of effectiveness for our clients.
Our Services:
Applications Represent companies in patent applications, trademark registration applications, copyright registration, IC layout design protection, and overseas IPR applications and layouts.
Transactions Represent enterprises in negotiations for IP licensing, transfer, joint development and other transactions; assist in drafting and reviewing contracts and other transaction documents.
Due Diligence Provide IPR special due diligence services to enterprises, including patent free exercise analysis (patent FTO analysis); issue due diligence reports; provide risk analysis and solutions for legal risk points.
Post-Transaction Integration Assist enterprises in integrating IP assets; create and design internal IP management system; provide comprehensive and customized IP protection strategy advice.
Dispute Resolution  Provide solutions to IP-related disputes; act in dispute related litigation, arbitration and negotiation matters; fully manage and act in administrative affairs of enterprise IPR authorization and confirmation as well as infringement, unfair competition, trade secrets and other rights maintenance matters, maintaining the stability and effectiveness of enterprise IP assets.

11. State-Owned Enterprise and State-Owned Assets
With rich professional knowledge, legal literacy, international perspective and practice experience, our legal service team for state-owned enterprises has provided a full range of compliance legal services to a number of central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and other clients. We specialize in solving SOE compliance issues and are well versed in the special laws, regulations and regulatory requirements of SOEs, and are familiar with regulatory mechanisms and regulatory scales.
We have discussed and commented on many cutting-edge legal issues involving state-owned enterprises, and have maintained good contact with the regulatory authorities for a long time, and are well versed in the special characteristics of state-owned enterprises and their business and the complexity of regulation, so as to ensure the provision of high-quality and unique professional services to our clients.
Lawyers in our SOE team have extensive experience in all areas of practicing  involving SOEs. They provided comprehensive legal services to clients in many business areas such as SOE investment, financing, management, corporate governance, SOE compliance, bond issuance, SOE restructuring, reorganization and mergers and acquisitions, and have long been well praised by our clients.
Our Services:
Daily Services Serve as perennial legal counsel for the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises and providing legal support for daily operation and management decision-making; draft and sign contracts and participating in negotiations on behalf of the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises; assist the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in carrying out legal education and publicity; define the property right of the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises; participate in the issuance of bonds and other financing projects; and deal with the disputes in connection with the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.
Mixed Ownership Reform  Assist in mixed ownership reform plan design for state-owned SOEs; legal support for business restructuring of state-owned SOEs; salary incentive and staff placement plan design for state-owned SOEs; property rights disposal plan design for reform and restructuring of state-owned SOEs; property rights transfer, restructuring and merger and acquisition plan design for state-owned SOEs.
Employees  Assist in dentification of employees of SOEs; design and operation of compensation incentives and employee stock ownership programs; design of employee resettlement programs.
Compliance  Assist in construction of compliance system; Design and implementation of legal schemes for digital transformation; Lifting of restrictions on multilateral development banks; anti-monopoly and anti- commercial bribery compliance.

12. Tax
Tax-related legal services have become an important part of our practice, thanks to China's ongoing tax reform and the increasing improvement of the tax legal system. We are able to provide comprehensive tax advice and planning perspectives to our clients by pooling our knowledge in the fields of law, taxation and accounting to ensure tax optimization. We are also able to collaborate with senior tax experts and lawyers in different countries around the world to handle complex cross-border tax-related issues, such as tax advice, planning and dispute resolution related to cross-border investments and transactions, as well as tax-related investigations and compliance matters in China.
Our Services:
Daily Consultation Provide Tax liability analysis and tax planning related to each tax type; tax compliance consultation such as tax declaration for each tax type.
Reorganization Assist in pre-transaction tax structure design; tax due diligence; tax risk assessment; negotiation and drafting of instruments for tax-related matters in transaction contracts; implementation of tax matters integration of various entities after the transaction.
Investment Taxation  Assist in investment project legal form tax planning and compliance; investment project exit plan tax planning.
Supply Chain Taxation  Assist in reasonable tax saving design in purchase and sale; analysis of tax burden in customs special supervision area.
Wealth Management  Provide compensation plan structure optimization proposal; employee equity incentive plan design and implementation; tax planning for high net worth individuals.
Transfer Pricing  Design related transaction structures and transfer pricing risk analysis; analyze of economic data of related transactions; prepare transfer pricing contemporaneous information and other documents; assist and representing the taxpayers in defending against transfer pricing tax investigations.
Dispute Resolution  Assist in tax-related legal liability and risk analysis; assist taxpayers in handling tax disputes with administrative authorities, including tax and customs investigations, inspections, audits, tax administrative reviews, administrative litigation, etc.

13. Private Client
Our Private Client Practice Group is dedicated to providing domestic and cross-border legal services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families in the areas of trust arrangements, tax planning, matrimonial relationships, inheritance, corporate services, financial law guidance, public interest and philanthropy. On the one hand, we have a global focus, delivering cutting-edge wealth management arrangements and information to our clients in Europe and the United States, providing them with timely and effective feedback on the global allocation of their assets; on the other hand, we focus on Chinese legal regulations and practical operations, formulating practical wealth management legal solutions according to our clients' needs.
We plan and invest the assets of high net worth individuals in and outside China to achieve the best tax effect; utilize the features of trust systems in different jurisdictions to achieve asset management and intergenerational inheritance; effectively use a package of documents such as wills, trusts, insurance, power of attorney, prenuptial and postnuptial property agreements to manage family wealth.
Our Services:
Marriage and Family Assist in marital wealth planning (e.g., prenuptial and postnuptial property agreements); divorce litigation and property division; protection of spousal habeas corpus; education, immigration and home ownership; adoption and illegitimacy; custody and support; family separation and dispute resolution.
Probate and Inheritance Assist in preparation, notarization, witnessing and execution of domestic wills and foreign wills and trusts; acting as executor; inheritance litigation.
Charitable Contributions Design charitable and pro bono affairs programs; establish foundations and charities; donate and receive donations.
Isolation of Home Enterprises Assist in legal risk management of family business; family business succession planning; assessment and planning of property risk before and after corporate listing; mutual insurance for shareholders.
Trust Fund Assist in establishment and operation of family trusts; localization of overseas trusts and dispute resolution.
Family Trust  Assist in establishment and operation of family office; formulation of family constitution; establishment of family finance office, family investment committee and other family wealth management institutions.
Tax Planning Assist in tax planning and compliance of asset globalization; cross-border tax optimization structure building; tax benefit application; foreign exchange payment and tax treatment; tax-related consultation on equity incentive.
Privacy and Data  Provide services related to personal privacy and data protection; compliance requirements for domestic and overseas privacy and data; consequences and disposal of non-compliance.