On November 18, 2023, the 10th China Intellectual Property Forum and the 5th China Science and Technology Innovation Forum kicked off grandly at the China Palace Hotel Beijing. Themed "New Leaps in Independent Innovation: IP Rules and Best Practices," the forum was co-hosted by the Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center, the Beijing Intellectual Property Law Society, and the China IP Forum Organizing Committee. The forum brought together government officials, leading scholars, business leaders, and legal experts to engage in in-depth discussions on the relationship between intellectual property and high-quality development, aiming to improve the IP system, enhance IP protection, and support innovation-driven growth.

Pei Lyu, partner at GEN Law Firm, participated in the "Trademark Sub-forum: Corporate Brand Strategy and International Development" session chaired by Professor Li Shunde. In the sub-forum, Ms. Lyu delivered a compelling speech titled "Behind the Xin Panpan Case of Billion Yuan: Litigation Strategies for Seeking Punitive Damages."

Ms. Lyu shared her expert insights on a recent case that GEN Law successfully won. The case involved a lawsuit against Xinpanpan for trademark infringement and unfair competition, in which over 100 million yuan in damages were awarded to Panpan. Lyu shared the highly informative details of litigation strategy, evidence-collection techniques, and trial tactics. Additionally, she discussed with peers the pathways to seek punitive damages in IP infringement cases and expressed her anticipation of seeing more exemplary cases with punitive damages to protect the rights of intellectual property holders.