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Business Profile

China has made steady improvement in trade secret protection despite that it is often the center of controversy at the trade dispute. We have developed best practice in enforcing trade secrets and have very valuable on the ground experience in criminal and civil enforcement.

Honorary Titles And Awards

Represented a global top 500 innovative pharmaceutical company in Sweden in an administrative litigation against the Patent Review Board and a well-known chemical pharmaceutical company in Shenzhen regarding the invalidity of a compound patent, we formed a professional team to conduct a trial simulation and propose a targeted trial strategy, achieving outstanding trial results in the second trial, successfully reversing the first instance judgment against our client, and helping our client to achieve a significant victory in the industry. The case was evaluated by the Supreme People's Court as one of the 50 typical intellectual property cases in Chinese courts in 2018.

Representing a major US company in pursuing legal liability against former employees;

Representing a local Guangdong company in solar power industry against its competitors;

Representing a major China internet firm against former employees for stealing trader secret;

Represented a major UK chemical client in pursuing legal liability of an outside consulting company for stealing trade secret in Tianjin;

Represented a major UK chemical client in civil actions against ex-employees for trade secret theft;

Represented one of the largest Chinese state-owned companies in fighting on a large trade secret civil claim;

Advised a UK company in cable manufacturing sector on trade secret protection in China;

Advised a large MNC company in energy sector on trade secret protection issues in connection with an acquisition deal.